A Renewed Perspective on Discipline

In the last few years, I have become increasingly aware of the “list” of roles I fulfill. I am a mom, writer, speaker, Life Skills Coordinator, and Logistics Analyst, in addition to being on the Board of Directors for a nonprofit organization…while running an editing business. The reality is, although I do a lot of things, I don’t do them all, every single day. There’s a good balance of these things that take place in my life, and they’re all things that I’m passionate about.

While on this journey, I have been intentional about sharing inspiration, motivation, strategies, and wisdom on how to tap into your personal power, especially as it relates to overcoming trauma. That journey did start with divorce for me, however, I understand that divorce isn’t the only way in which people can experience trauma as adults. Here and on my other platforms, I share how to heal, evolve, and ultimately thrive after dealing with the many ways in which you can experience trauma in life.

About a year and a half ago, I met Ronnie Wells, who is the founder of the 10-A-Day Speaks Gavel Club, a Toastmaster’s club for kids in grades K-12. He shared the history of his organization, and I had the opportunity to share my journey with Inner Beauty Reigns. After hearing each other’s stories, we were excited about partnering together.

The contribution I’ve made to the organization is coordinating the life skills segment of our meetings, which take place twice a month. Most weeks that we do our meeting, I take whatever content I have created for my online platforms, Inner Beauty Reigns, and The Thriving Place, and I make it kid friendly. This week, I didn’t create any content because I was working on my certification program. I decided to talk about discipline instead because that was my theme for the week. As I sat there, I came up with this quote:

“Discipline isn’t always natural. It is the habit of being intentional in the decision to execute something. Discipline requires consistency, but it also cultivates consistency.”

Sometimes when I write things and then read them back to myself, I have this moment of, “Wow, I wrote that!” It’s not that I don’t believe in myself, but sometimes the magnitude of the things that come out of me just blesses me as much as it does others. I believe that God created me that way in a sense, to keep me humble. Sometimes in having online platforms and being visible to so many people, some people don’t know how to handle that, and they get big-headed. As the saying goes, the higher you go, the harder the fall. I appreciate God keeping me in this place because it’s never about being seen, but about the impact that is being made.

Anyway, so this quote came about because I was reflecting on my week. In looking at how my week transpired, I realized that I was able to accomplish what I did as a result of being disciplined. This is something that I have had to be intentional about in my adult life because it was not always something that I was taught growing up, although I do know that my village did the absolute best they could.

Ultimately, another thing that prompted this quote, is the fact that last weekend was my 20-year high school class reunion. We got together Friday night at our Homecoming game. I don’t remember whether or not we won, but we spent Friday and Saturday night catching up, dancing, and enjoying the moment. I spent Sunday afternoon resting because I can’t remember the last time I had stayed up past midnight lol.

On Monday, as I was reflecting on the events of the weekend, I took the opportunity to really glean some insight from being able to come together with my classmates. One of the things I realized was that, collectively, we all accomplished a great milestone in life: Graduating high school. As I continued to think about how that impacted me personally, I realized that I’ve accomplished a lot of great things since I graduated high school, and I now have the job I’ve desired to have my entire adult life, which is not the same as what I envisioned when I was growing up. I don’t know about you, but I had lots of big dreams. There was one point when I wanted to be a model and another when I wanted to become a Marine Biologist. I believe that spoke to my belief that I can do anything. Understand that you don’t have to actually go out there and do everything to believe that you can do anything.

As I continued my thought process, I realized that this certification was something that I started about a year ago. I took a step back to consider how that journey has been going. I was extremely excited about this certification when I first discovered that it existed because I remember how life-changing it was when I got my Human Design reading. The thought took me back to a few months ago when I was consistently working on my certification and came to a place where I was frustrated. I was frustrated because I realized that I had been operating in this hustle mentality for so long, that the need to sit down and actually study something was bothersome to me.

When I first started the certification, I had this thought that I could kind of just skim through and grab the main points, then I’d be able to take the test and I’d be okay. No, that wasn’t the case at all. I soon discovered that this was college-level information that I had to cover. It went beyond just reading and studying these things, but actually executing modalities and readings so that I could prove that I knew how to do it.

I had to take a step back and acknowledge that the hustle mentality allowed me some short-lived success because what mattered most in those situations was the job being well executed. Ultimately, it was not a sustainable way to operate. I learned that this strategy couldn’t apply to everything. This lesson became a source of inspiration and growth because it made me realize I was required to approach my certification process differently. I had to do the work despite what I felt, and that’s the foundation of discipline. You do despite what you feel because you are seeking an outcome. It reminds me of why people are successful. They don’t quit pursuing something because they don’t feel like it, they keep going because they have a goal to accomplish.

In the 24 hours, after I went through this thought process, I decided to stop wasting my time. I opened the dashboard for my certification and went over all of the information in the module for Human Design. I told myself that I was going to be certified this week. The day after that, I completed not one, but two Human Design readings. It was such an exciting moment because I realized that because I had put my mind to it, I was executing it. It’s crazy to think about this now because these weren’t things that I didn’t already know. These were things that were within me that I had to tap into, which is a part of what a Human Design reading will reveal. The day after I did those readings and despite some challenges with the recordings, I received my certification.

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know that I always say that I cannot teach what I have not already done. Please understand that when I come to share the inspiration or the strategies, or whatever it is for that day, I’ve had to do the work. This journey to becoming a Certified Human Design Coach has been one that required me to elevate my mind, and I’m so grateful for the journey.

Thank you for joining me today. To book your Human Design Reading, click here. Until next time, stay the course, and remember that discipline requires you to get out of your feelings so you can execute in order to reach your goal. ❤


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